Biodegradable Packaging for food Disposable Bento box

-Microwavable & Freezable
-Oil and water resistant
-Soak proof & Grease proof
-Perfect for Camping, Picnics, BBQs, Lunches, Events, Parties & Restaurants use.
-Heavy duty & Not easy to get out of shape
-Sanitary & Healthy
-Natural white color or custom Pantone color workable
-Custom logo available



‘-Both hot and cold food practical and reassuring

Corn starch material: mainly from corn starch raw material, is in the nature through fermentation and other microbial action, made of biological environmental protection materials; Compared with plastic lunch box, the process is more environmentally friendly and low carbon emission.

Bio-based lunch box

  1. From the nature, environmental protection, health, renewable as both environmental protection and safety
  2. Strong sense of quality, in line with the development trend of national environmental protection policies, the appearance of containers conforms to various scenes such as food takeout packaging in restaurants and meal replacement at work

Traditional boxes

  1. Non-degradable, serious white pollution raw materials can not be traced back (garbage can not be recycled)
  2. Due to the serious homogeneity of plastic products, it is difficult to highlight the product quality, leakage prevention and thermal insulation

Why us?

  1. Microwave oven, digestible and induction cooker for heating
  2. Compartments of refrigerated crisper are designed to keep the crisper fresh and odorless
  3. Fully characteristic, waterproof, oil resistant, heat resistant and heat resistant


A box of multi-purpose

Easy to carry, healthy, and delicious

Can be used for soup, fruit, snacks mixed noodles, cold dishes, cooked food and other occasions for family gatherings, business hospitality, outdoor picnic, friends gathering