Biodegradable Take Away Lunch Boxes Cornstarch

Corn starch raw materials: The lunch boxes are made of environmentally friendly materials, mainly starch raw materials extracted from corn.


Let you choose peace of mind is what we have been pursuing

  1. Side leakage prevention is not easy to leak and cover tight fit sealing
  2. Multiple specifications, multiple sizes, multiple sizes to choose from
  3. The tight cover of the buckle is firmly and the humanized card slot design is easy to buckle and open
  4. Good tenacity and damage prevention; good workmanship to prevent damage
  5. High temperature resistant can be refrigerated. It can be heated at 120℃ or refrigerated at -20℃
  6. Degradable corn starch base made of selected environment-friendly materials


  1. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-2cm error.Thank you for your understanding.
  2. The display calibration is inconsistent, and the color of the items displayed in the photos may be slightly different from the actual objects.Please refer to the actual one.



Degradable corn starch material

Corn starch degradable tableware, is the use of natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by biological polyester, polyol and other materials processing, its starch content up to 80 in the soil and natural environment can be natural degradation, no pollution to the environment, pollution-free.


Follow up the production process and carry out quality audit.Even a small lunch box, but also let customers rest assured, satisfied

Smooth edges, no rough edges, no hands

Smooth edge, no rough edge, environmental protection and no odor for better customer experience



Water and oil proof seal and side leakage proof

Deepened circular arc buckle design, not easy to leak farewell greasy hands


Thickening, good compressive strength and multi-layer packing

High stiffness, anti-extrusion, multi-layer stacking packaging delivery is not easy to break


It can be heated by microwave and refrigerated at low temperature

Can microwave up to 100℃, can refrigerate as low as-5℃ cold or hot, easy to use


Easy to lift handle design easy to open the cover

Close easy lift cat ear handle design, easy to open the lid, practical and convenient