Eco-Friendly Sustainable Cornstarch Clamshell Container

CARE FOR THE PLANET – food Containers are made from cornstarch, a renewable resource, and with small percentage of PP#5 that helps save our planet!



NON-SOGGY QUALITY CONTAINERS – containers are durable, strong, and sturdy, and they can withhold any type of foods without having the containers become soggy like most other alternatives.
LEAK & SOAK RESISTANT – No more worries about food liquids seeping through while on-the-go and staining your favorite pants and car seat! You can carry these containers anywhere, anytime, anyplace without any mess! Unlike other alternatives such as paper-based containers leak and break apart constantly.

NON-STICK SURFACE AND PREMIUM QUALITY CONTAINERS – eco-friendly containers are durable, strong, and secured with a satisfying slit-in front closing mechanism. Also, you can enjoy all of your meals without worrying about your portions being stuck to the bottom of the containers due to its non-stick surface material.

MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE – It can withstand temperatures from -4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made from 70% renewable resources.
Not compostable or recyclable
High heat resistant of 248° F
USDA and FDA approved

Reduces carbon footprint by using 70% renewable materials, instead of 100% virgin petroleum plastic.
A more sustainable option when municipal composting facilities are not yet available in your area.